New Year’s Resolutions – Global Ed Style



Encouraging your global kid to set resolutions for the upcoming year is a great way to reiterate the principles associated with being a good little citizen of the world.

Check out these four easy resolutions to provide your child with opportunities to learn about the world around them, and to become more globally-enlightened this year and beyond.

1.  Expand Global Reading

Multicultural books are one of the very best ways to expand a child’s world view and global knowledge.  At least once every week make sure to hit the shelves of your local library to pick up a few books which represent different world cultures.  

Each new cultural experience your child reads about broadens his knowledge of the world and exposes him to new ideas.

2.  Hang the World on the Wall

If you haven’t already, hang a world map in your child’s room or other easy-to-view place in your home so that your kids see it every day and can familiarize themselves with the different continents, countries and cities. 

Then, each day (or at least once every week) talk to them about the various places represented on their map and the related cultures, foods, music and languages.

Also, have at least one globe in your house (one that is touch-friendly) so that your curious child can spin away and search for all of the fascinating places they have heard of or read about.

3.  Give Gifts from Around the Globe

Kids love crafty gifts – getting them, and giving them.

Artisans from all over the world make crafts which represent their culture in beautiful ways.  These creations make wonderful and unique birthday and holiday presents, and can be purchased from local fair-trade stores or online.  Many of these gifts give back by supporting local artisans in developing countries or other charitable causes.

This provides a great opportunity to expand your child’s world view, and to reiterate the importance of supporting those in need.

4.  Encourage Your Child to be a Peacemaker

An important part of a global education is learning how to find peaceable solutions to conflicts over differences of opinion.

Help your child to become a peacemaker this year by teaching him about the principles of mediation which he can use to work out tiffs between siblings or friends.

Mediation is a simple method of resolving conflicts which allows parties engaged in a dispute to express their point-of-view without interruption and then work in cooperation towards a mutually-acceptable solution.

The key elements to successfully resolving disputes in this peaceful way is to be able to see many different points of view through active listening, and to seek out creative ways to problem solve.

Mediation training also teaches empathy and how to communicate with people of different backgrounds in respectful and effective ways.

By exploring these concepts with your child, you will increase his ability to navigate through inevitable conflicts in life in a healthy and more harmonious way.

For more information on the benefits of teaching your kids mediation techniques, check out my post, Why We Should Teach Kids How to Mediate Disputes in Kindergarten.

May the new year bring you peace, good health and everything you need to raise happy, healthy, globally-enlightened children who appreciate, respect and enjoy the diversity of the world!

Happy New Year!

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