How to Raise an Alternative Energy Advocate


This History Channel video explores the vast sources of energy available in various regions of the earth.  Renewable energy comes from resources like the sun (solar), the earth (geothermal), the wind (wind power), landfill or methane gasses (biogas), and fuel cells (electrochemical energy). These alternative energy resources are abundant. Alternative fuel can be used to conserve our non-renewable fuel sources like natural gas and oil while producing electricity and heat in environmentally friendly ways.

If you’re a parent who cares about the earth, it’s likely that you’ll want to raise your little global citizen up to respect the environment. One of the best ways to do that is to teach them about why renewable energy sources are vitally important to the health and sustainability of our world.  This will help them to develop into eco-conscious adults who can assist in reversing the effects of many decades of environmentally bad choices.

Parents can begin by describing the differences between renewable and non-renewable energies. With educational and interactive resources, global kids can be taught how alternative energy sources work, how they can contribute to a greener future, and even how to design and construct alternative energy- powered inventions!

Here are some great resources to get kids excited about renewable energy:

Energy Kids – Curriculum-based lessons organized by grade level.  Includes energy-related facts and history, conservation tips and interactive projects and activities.

Alliant Energy Kids – Facts, games and activities regarding the various forms of renewable energy sources and the environment.

U.S. Energy Administration Information Activity Book – A fun, printable activity book about energy designed for young school-aged children.

To inspire future renewable energy inventors, check out these resources:

Build It Solar – This website features methods and tools to help kids build renewable energy and conservation projects.

Design Squad Nation – This PBS site assists kids in bringing their creative ideas to life.  It features a projects gallery so kids can brainstorm new ideas, submit their own project, and respond to other kids’ ideas, all the while earning points for their contributions.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Another good way is to take them into the country and show them the big wind turbines. They always love those 😉

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