How to Inspire Your Little Ones to Embark on a Lifetime of Art Appreciation

Everyone knows that most children love to make art, and they love to learn.

Exploring famous artists’ works as inspiration for kids’ art projects not only gets their creative juices flowing, but also teaches them in a hands-on, lasting way about art history and the significant contributions of great artists.

Earlier this month, we were at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City where my boys viewed a collection of abstract works. They were drawn in by the artists’ bold and colorful masterpieces.

The boys were greatly inspired by all of the wonderful artwork they saw on our trip, and upon returning home, were eager to get their hands on some art supplies and creatively express themselves through their own vibrant works.

The work of art which inspired the project they created:

Vasily Kandinsky’s Color Study – Squares with Concentric Circles (1913)

For our version, to create the color and shape contrasts, we used color construction paper glued onto a rectangle-shaped piece of scrap cardboard.

First, we measured out the cardboard and cut to fit the construction paper into six equal squares.

Then, using contrasting colors, we cut the construction paper into different-sized, loosely-shaped circles.

Lastly, we glued the colored squares down, then the circles.

You can also use oil pastels, markers or crayons to draw the geometric shapes on a base of cardboard or paper.

While your kids are creating their masterpieces, share with them a little history about the artist.

Fun Facts About Vasily Kandinsky:

Regarded as One of the most influential artists of the twentieth-century, he was a Russian-born painter and musician who is usually regarded as the originator of abstract art – art that does not represent actual objects, people or scenes.

Interestingly, his original profession was as a highly-regarded law professor. He did not begin the formal study of art and painting until he was thirty!

CLICK HERE & HERE for more biographical information.

Check Out Some Kandinsky Collections:

When your little artists are finished creating, view some of Vasily Kandinsky’s Paintings on the Guggenheim Museum’s website.

Also, take a look at the The Museum of Modern Art’s Kandinsky collection.

A Few More Online Resources for You & Your Wee Artistes to Explore:

The National Gallery of Art’s interactive website for kids features lots of engaging art-related activities!

Go on a virtual exploration of art museums around the world.

Enjoy inspiring your little ones as they embark on a lifetime adventure of art appreciation!



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