Honoring Dr. King’s Dream by Teaching Peace

It soon will be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Take some time to celebrate the life and teachings of this American hero, who led millions of people in the crusade for equality.

Sharing information with your kids about Dr. King will provide you with the opportunity to introduce them to (or reinforce) the concepts of peace and justice, character versus appearance, and daring to dream big, despite the cynics.

I recently wrote a post about peace in which I express my belief that, as parents, we have a moral obligation to show our kids how to live peacefully.

One way that you and your global kids can pay tribute to the legacy of Dr. King is by creating crafts that symbolize peace.

My boys and I created peace doves (inspired by this dove craft from bckidart).


First, we drew a dove on a paper plate.

To decorate, we tapped pencil erasers and fingertips on ink pads of various colors and filled in the bird shape.

Then, we cut out the dove and glued it onto another plate.

Finally, we colored the frame with markers and added sequins and stickers for a bedazzled effect.  

Next, we crafted these unity plants by simply tracing the boys’ hands on construction paper, cutting them out, and pasting them together.  

We added a peace symbol to each plant, and affixed the stems and leaves (and green craft sticks for stem support).  

As parents, one of the best ways to honor Dr. King’s work is to continually engage our children in a dialogue about peaceful living.

When you and your kids witness situations where others behave with a lack of fairness, consideration or empathy, take the opportunity to discuss how the situation could have been handled in a more mutually respectful and peaceful way.

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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