Feel the Beat of a Japanese Art Form: Taiko Drumming

This summer our local public library, like many in the U.S., has been featuring a program entitled One World, Many Stories.

This interactive program series allows participants to travel the globe by celebrating the world’s diverse cultures.  The presentations include such multicultural candy as storytelling, crafts, cooking & music!

This week, the MomsGoneGlobal.com kids met up at the library auditorium to experience a Japanese Taiko drumming performance.

Taiko means “big drum” and is known as the modern art of traditional Japanese drumming in a group ensemble using percussion instruments of different sizes.

The performers use movements which resemble those of the martial arts.  While drumming they belt out “ki-ais”, or shouts, to invigorate and increase the energy of the show.

It was fantastic!  The rapid-fire sound of the performance captivated the audience, and the children were spellbound.

When the drum master completed his recital, he graciously encouraged every member of the audience to come up to the instruments, grab a pair of sticks and try their hands at drumming.

We all received a mini-lesson and played a “rhythmic phrase” or pattern of Taiko syllables on the instrument.

It is as Easy as 1,2,3 to Share with Your Global Kids Information About the Art of Japanese Taiko Drumming!

(1) Watch this performance (and others like it)!

(2) CLICK HERE to find out more about the history, various instruments, clothing, glossary and phonetic words used to express both the sound and emphasis of the beats, as well as the time value of the beats.

(3)  READ MORE on Taiko from Kids Web Japan.

Happy Drumming!



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6 Responses to Feel the Beat of a Japanese Art Form: Taiko Drumming

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just love your blog!

  2. Jill says:

    Thank you, Aisha! Congratulations on launching Hartlyn Kids!! The books look wonderful!

  3. Suzanne Kolodziej says:

    Could you send me the title of the book pictured on this site?

    Thanks so much!


  4. Jill says:

    Hi, Suzanne. The image is featured in the Student/Teacher Guide for the
    Tampa Taiko Japanese Cultural Outreach Program.

  5. Suzanne Kolodziej says:

    Thanks so much for your response!

  6. Ha says:

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