Get Kids Hooked on Classical Music: Book Review & Resources

If you haven’t already, listen to classical music with your young children.  The exploration of various musical genres is part of a well-rounded global education as it provides insight into other cultures and fosters appreciation of diversity.  Experts agree that learning about music  provides many benefits.  Check out these twelve benefits of music education.

Before your kids are convinced by their peers that classical music is boring or out-of-style, introduce them to some of the amazing lives and music of the great classical composers from around the world.

After experiencing the wonderful sounds of the classics with your kiddos, find books and educational resources that will pique their interest and open their minds and hearts to this delightful genre of music!

I’m always on the hunt for unique children’s books that teach about culture, so when the publisher of Franz Schubert, First Discovery – Music, contacted me and told me about the book, I knew I wanted to review it and share it with my readers. 

It is a wonderful introductory-level read about the life and music of Schubert. The book is part of a series that includes titles on Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Handel, Mozart, Purcell, Schubert, Vivaldi.  The series appeals to young children by introducing them to the lives of the great composers in pictures, music and words.


The Schubert book explores his captivating childhood and his short, yet very musically productive life.  Included in the book are lovely illustrations, (a combination of drawings, photos and famous paintings), and biographical data about Schubert.  The book comes with an audio CD which is a narrated version of the story, and high-quality recordings of the great composer’s music.

Another fun element about the text is that there are the little inserts on every other page which provide additional information about Schubert and music, in general, such as how music is relatable to human emotions.


I love how the book and CD uses pictures, music and words to tell the story of Schubert’s life in a child-friendly manner.  The CD is an added bonus in that children can learn from the story and enjoy the accompanying classical music again and again.

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