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Here we share childrens’ craft project ideas, many of which are influenced by the arts and crafts of various world cultures.

How to Turn Your Child into a Kid Environmentalist


Globally-minded kids are environmentally-minded kids.  The concepts go hand-in-hand.  Continue reading

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A Kid’s Guide to Arab American History – Review

As a big proponent of global education and multicultural children’s literature, I was so Continue reading

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Promoting a Global Culture of Peace This Season, and Beyond

Today, we made paper doves to celebrate the season. Doves are powerful symbols of peace and love. Continue reading

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The Countdown to Christmas Around the World

This year, for the first time, my little ones and I made our very own Advent calendar!
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Teaching Kids Gratitude: A Universal Ethic

In my research to discover whether gratitude is a universal Continue reading

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Discovering Culture Through Collage: Romare Bearden

Exploring multicultural art exposes children to cultural differences in a creative context.  Continue reading

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Check out our Global Interests on Pinterest! LOVES discovering things that inspire us — and sharing them with you!

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