Cardboard Bikes? Yes, Please! Resources to Help Nurture Kids’ Creativity

Show this video to the little (and big) makers in your life. It tells the story of how inventor and mechanical engineer, Izhar Gafni, was inspired to take on an clever and innovative recycling project which could lead to “a time when every plastic or cardboard product that is thrown into the recycle bin will contribute to the creation of a bicycle, toy or wheelchair!”

The cardboard bike is the first of its kind, made of recycled cardboard along with melted recycled plastic and car tires. It is primarily constructed of cardboard, but the bicycle is durable, fire and water resistant, and can support up to 300 pounds.

Now more than any other time in history, it is imperative that people imagine and then created new things to the make the world healthier and more sustainable. This is why STEAM is such a vital part of a global education, and should be implemented early and effectively.   It is the best way to help children reach their innovative and creative potential so that they are able to help save the world.


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