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Welcome to MomsGoneGlobal.com!   We are thrilled to share tips and ideas about how to raise healthy, happy, globally-enlightened children.  Our goal is to help parents foster cultural awareness within their children so that they may grow up with a meaningful understanding and appreciation of diversity.

Our contributors write about their experiences as they endeavor to enrich their children’s global education by the exploration of foods, music, languages, customs and traditions of the world’s cultures.

From MGG founder, Jill:

I am a forty-something part-time attorney, and full-time mother of two wonderful and delightfully engaging boys, ages 9 and 7.

Over 6 years ago, I was a full-time attorney and very much enjoyed the working world with all of its perks and pleasures.  Then, came baby.  Never, before giving birth, had I even considered tossing aside the benefits of my hard-earned law degree and employment status for a life strictly defined by feeding intervals, diaper inspections, and the continual and mesmerizing exchange of gazes and coos with my new little one.  Seeing and holding my new baby for the first time triggered my nurture and protect mode, and it has been in full force ever since.  I began my incredibly exhausting, yet amazingly gratifying parenting journey that day, and haven’t looked back.

Now with two little ones, I feel very thankful for every moment I get to share with my boys and my husband as we take this voyage through life together.

My passion is parenting and my parenting philosophy is based upon the commitment to raise my children in ways which encourage an appreciation of the world as a whole, a genuine sense of compassion, and an ongoing feeling of gratitude.  I strive to bestow upon them a multi-lingual education, and to expose them to diverse  cultural experiences which they can appreciate and enjoy.   I believe that this will enhance their brain development, as well as encourage a cultural sensitivity and the insight necessary to be well-adapted to, and to thrive in the ever-increasing globally connected society in which we live.

Although my husband and I no longer travel to the extent we did before we had children, and thus far have not had the opportunity to travel with our kids outside the U.S., we strive to create for them global adventures and discoveries about the world through cultural studies, and by the exploration of diverse food, music and festivals.

For me, this blog will serve as an exercise in creativity and an invaluable opportunity to challenge myself, daily, to become more open-minded, and to set a great example as a parent by helping my children develop a true feeling of appreciation and optimism about the global community in which they live.

It should be noted that I am a research junkie.  Always an inquisitive individual, I honed my research skills in law school.  Now, with the answer to virtually every conceivable question at my finger tips, I get online every day to attempt to quench my insatiable thirst for knowledge.  This blog will enable me to pass along any and all information which I find valuable in terms of parenting, education and global issues.  I plan to tweet about these tidbits of significant information upon which I stumble, so please follow us Twitter!

We encourage readers to share their stories and photos and look forward to hearing about global parenting experiences from around the world.  Please share your story and connect with us!

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Sharon Carroll says:

    Excellent blog.

  2. Jill says:

    Thank you Sharon!

  3. Jeffrey Buck says:

    Hi I am a friend of Keith’s from high school and he told me about your cool blog.

    I love the concept and could not agree more. I have put my son Cooper in a international school in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. I want him to learn Spanish and understand this great South American lifestyle and culture.

    He is 4 and with in no time I am sure he will be speaking Spanish fluently. He has already picked up so much.

    Education is so much more that just abc’s. It’s about the bigger picture and learning that this is a big world and people are great.

    Keep it up I’ll keep watching your progress.

    Take care,

  4. Hi, Jeff! Thank you for stopping by, and for the kind words. Your son is so lucky! He is at the perfect age to be immersed in another language. You’re right – he’ll be fluent in no time. I dream of enrolling our kids in an international school! My boys have been in language learning programs for years and they love it, but it is difficult to become fluent without full immersion.
    Best of luck with your adventures in Uruguay! I hope when you all are back in Florida we can meet up so that Keith and I can meet your family and hear all about your time in South America!



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