8 Great YouTube Channels to Enrich Global Ed


YouTube provides so many excellent educational channels which can enrich the global education experience with a blended learning approach. We successfully incorporate   YouTube videos into our “global ed” lessons on a daily basis, so I thought it might be helpful to our readers to curate a list of YouTube channels which can be used to enhance global kids’ understanding of the world around them. (Note: It’s not difficult for kids to stumble upon inappropriate content on YouTube, so be sure to warn and/or monitor them.)

Here are a few of our educational YouTube channel faves:

1.  YouTube EDU: This channel features a collection of educational videos from sources ranging from preschool level to college, and beyond. The content is categorized by grade levels and related categories.

2.  TED-Ed: From the producers of TED Talks this channel provides educational videos or “lessons worth sharing” ranging in topics from Literature and Language to Science and Technology.

3.  BlueWorldTV: Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Underwater cinematographer Jonathan Bird explores the underwater world in an exciting science adventure series suitable for all ages.

4.  Biography Channel: This channel is great to use to learn about important historical figures such as noteworthy authors, scientists, presidents, and more.

5.  Discovery Channel: This is a great resource for science and technology junkies. It features clips from hit shows such as How Stuff Works and Mythbusters.

6.  Reel NASA: This is the official NASA resource for those who seek to learn about space and space travel. There is a web series called, “Space to Ground”, which features a short wrap-up of the week’s activities aboard the International Space Station “that showcases the diversity of activities taking place aboard the world’s only orbiting laboratory.”

7. American Museum of Natural History: This channel is quite useful if you’re seeking resources to enrich lessons about science, biology, geography, or another natural history field. Some topics include oceanography, space, and human biology.

8. Khan Academy: From our absolute favorite online learning resource, Khan Academy, comes this channel which features videos on subjects ranging from physics to American Civics. A related Khan Academy channel called Smarthistory posts unscripted conversations between art historians about the history of art around the world.

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